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tv   [untitled]    August 9, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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its quality and reduce the cost of care. she has been a huge supporter of the consortium and our efforts to bring health care services to low-income and underserved san franciscans. for that reason, we support the motion. thank you. >> good morning, commissioners. i love the parks. i believe we have the second biggest one in the nation and i love our parks system. i'm a naturalist and a local san franciscan. i have lived here half my life. i have never received a dime of money from nancy pelosi and i respect everyone in the audience to pass.
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-- who has. i would like to see it so that you did not have to buy into a fascist system to do so. i was personally targeted for not doing so. i would love to see the name of middle drive it changed to the name along the same theme of the other drives in the park, including martin luther king and john f. kennedy. also someone who more closely represents san francisco and its core values. however, i feel nancy pelosi no longer represents her constituency and now represents the so-called values of a federal p.r. campaign. i also feel ed lee, his ceremony and the new sign were an end run to many park lovers, including myself. i would be happy to hear names of assassinated persons representing san francisco and
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the values of san francisco locals, including harvey milk, also a noted rights activist. yesterday -- i did not see this but i know people who had, they killed a man while handcuffed to was unknown contributor to the occupy movement, which i member of. although he was handcuffed after being shot twice in the chest, the witnesses -- a witness to and being shot after they handcuffed him. it may well prove out in six months that this man was assassinated. occupy sf has no leaders and this man's contribution represent us and his death. his name was pray, a lovely name which i feel embodies the current status of the equal
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rights. i doubt the city commission realizes how betrayed assam franciscans feel by the name of anti pelosi. how about someone who died in a secret prison. she knew about the secret prisons and covered up. as far as aids go, its sources in question. nancy pelosi did support the repeal of don't ask, don't tell, on the same day as obama brought this up, i believe it was cheney, enter poll received an arrest warrant on him and that did not make the front cover. thank you. >> we get the general thrust of your comments and we appreciate them. >> [reading names]
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>> it good morning, commissioners. thank you very much for giving us the opportunity to speak on this issue and thank you for your work. having been a commissioner, i know what you do, so thank you. i am the director of the mission language and vocational school. i have served for many years as president and on the school board. commissioner, i am before you to ask you to support and take the resolution and waive the waiting time to rename middle drive as nancy pelosi drive. nancy pelosi, 25 years of service for the nation and the city of san francisco are commendable.
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her dedication is something i always have admired. i feel it is very important to mention that for many women throughout this nation, nancy pelosi, her courage has been an inspiration. i think we should remember that often. i respectfully ask you support this resolution without delay. i am not going to go into the many things she has done for the nation and this city because you are very aware of that and it has been mentioned. just to ask you to please pass this resolution without delay. thank you. >> thank you. >> good morning, commissioners. i'm with the golden gate national parks and services field center where i would focus
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on use leadership. recognize euros that exist among us today. especially while -- heroes that exist today. most of the signs go in history books and this creates a disconnect between the people and the people they're supposed to look up to. we have this opportunity in her 25th year serving our city and our nation to build a bridge between congresswoman national -- congresswoman nancy pelosi and the heroes children are about growing up. we have had the honor of working with the congress won in protecting some of the area's most beloved public lands and parks. the city of san francisco including the field is one of regret accomplishments. portia's help ensure their protected today and for future generations. i like to believe that because of who we are, we make the country better. i think nancy pelosi put this idea into action. she has influenced our country to be more thoughtful, more just, caring, more sustainable
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and more beautiful. the question is why should this happen now? by hearing about the park and rack new advancements in summer camps and programs, the general manager would agree that the parks need to be bold and brave and do more to inspire people. i love this opportunity to recognize a real park and in our mental super hero. i think it is cool san francisco has its own superhero that is still living. she has inspired us to take care of those in need and has taken the lead to make sure children grow up in a better and healthier city that we have grown up in. she has shown us to stand up for a quality, making sure people have equal or rights and equal rights for open space and the environment. i am honored to speak on behalf of this opportunity to recognize the huge impact she's made on the city, country and our beautiful parks and open space. >> thank you.
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is there any other public comment on this item? >> good morning. i live in san francisco. i'm a citizen of this country, and i am here to oppose this proposal. i will request and ask you and advise you before to do anything to do a little research. i am a broadcaster and my job is to research on people like nancy pelosi and i think 20 years of service, we need to see what she did for the majority of the people, not just for a few. if you are going to do that, how are you going to be when
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people like nancy pelosi, people will never forget when she said impeachment is off the table regarding one of the most recognize the murderers of the country. you know who he is. she was informed about one of the most recognized torture methods being used on prisoners and her response was do what you have to do. she set the tone priority -- privatizing many things in that the united states. with presidio, i respect people talking about the wonderful work she has done, but if you do research, you will find out that is not true. she has been there to favor corporations and favor people with money. also, she until recently, didn't
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allow unions in her business. which is like 900 workers not allowed to unionize. union leaders in this country are more corrupt than she is, but i hope you will take that into consideration and -- before the corporations, she is pro- corp. and somebody said she is a piece leader. she has been supporting all of those wars and invasions of the united states. i am opposed to that. thank you. >> the good morning. mike freeman speaking solely as an individual. i strongly oppose naming any facility in this city for any living politicians and there are several good reasons. it creates a conflict of interest.
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does it look to her republican opponent like we are naming a street for her so we will get more grants from the federal government for park improvements? that is something that could be used against the city as a whole. her career is not over. we don't know if she will be changing direction or get involved in some scandal that has not emerged yet. there is a congressman in the greater bay area who is older now and has become an embarrassment because of his behavior recently and there are many calls for him to resign. what his constituents be happy to have facilities named after him in light of his current behavior? and also provides an unfair advantage. one of the worst example i have seen of this is tom bates feel in berkeley. -- tom bates field in berkeley. this having a soccer field named after him give him an advantage in the election? i believe so.
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furthermore, if i were you, i would be outraged and reject this proposal because the way you were circumvented in the decisionmaking process. the sign went up, the dedication ceremony was held before this commission took action. i would not allow that to pass. there is no urgency here, no reason to rush the process, it should be done legitimately and you should not name facilities after living politicians. >> i'm the director of the asian foundation and i'm here to speak in strong support of the naming of this drive after leader nancy pelosi. as a native san franciscan, i appreciate the work the commission is doing in being the guardians of our great golden gate park. an example of how you are
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understanding your responsibility is in matching the great treasure we have of golden gate park with the leadership of nancy pelosi. that seems to be a better match. one of the great things about nancy pelosi is she did understand diversity was the future of san francisco and the future of america. this drive connecting the two main thoroughfares is a great example of that connection. in particular, the work she has done in the asian-american community has demonstrated her foresight. asian americans didn't even have one elected member on the board of supervisors. when nancy pelosi announced she was going to run from congress, reversed event was in chinatown,
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bringing to gather the asian- american community and for her to pledge your support. 25 years later, when she was able to achieve her signature accomplishment, the greatest accomplishment of any speaker in congress, passing the affordable care act, after she introduced that, her first public appearance was in chinatown to talk about the house disparity facing asian- americans -- hepatitis b. and how affordable care act and how no one could be discriminated against. she has been a friend and champion. nothing could be more fitting than to name this after one of the greatest speaker we have had ever and one of the longest friends we have had in the asian-american community.
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>> commissioners, and the executive director of the san francisco labor council. we represent over 100 labor unions in town. we are celebrating the democratic leader's 25th year in congress right now. it should be noted that she has been consistently or reelected by the citizens of san francisco with some of the largest majorities in san francisco and that does speak about what san francisco thinks about nancy pelosi. i would like to highlight two things -- as we sit in one of the worst economic times in the united states, there has been one person who has been a champion of that 99%, and that is nancy pelosi. when -- what she has done to put
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stimulus into infrastructure -- all of the other areas where things need to be done, she has been a champion for working men and women. i also want to point out that san francisco is a city of health care. it has the closest thing to universal health care in the united states and its in san francisco that she took the model for air tremendous fight to move the affordable care act. and she came right back to san francisco to a couple of press conferences and i was proud to introduce her. she came back in order to make sure this is where she was going to do the press conferences. it's the most significant piece of legislation in the last 25 years. we support the resolution going forward. >> thank you.
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>> i'm the international secretary-treasurer of the international longshoremen and warehouse, the most militant progressive union in america. i rise today onl men, women and their families to support the resolution naming nancy pelosi drive. nancy pelosi has a special place in the heart and conscience of the working men and women. people fail to realize she came from the streets of baltimore, md., street fighter. her dad was the mayor of baltimore. back in the 1980's, the president of the iowu was the one to convince sister pelosi to get into politics. he saw and heard a raw talent, a
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diamond in the rough. he sought a fearless woman. nerves of steel. being a good leader is not easy and being a woman is even harder. nancy pelosi is both. the iowu across this nation 0 nancy pelosi a debt of gratitude. in closing, george bernard shaw once said you don't hold your own by standing on guard. hold your own by attacking and getting well hemorrhage yourself. thank you. -- getting well hammered yourself. >> the morning, commissioners. president of the san francisco firefighters local 798. we come to you in support of renaming and to pelosi dry. during her 25 years in congress, she is thought to keep san francisco safe, she is thought to keep first responders safe
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and to keep san francisco firefighters safe and fought for the resources we desperately need to do our job in the city. she has been there for firefighters in good times and in bad. from injuries and illness to parade and celebration, she's always been by our side. most importantly, she has been out there for 25 years fighting for san francisco values and a better america all the while suffering relentless political attacks. the san francisco fire fighters like a good battle and someone who stands up and let's face of adversity. congresswoman nancy pelosi has done that for us. we only have one suggestion moving forward, a minor change. having spent some time with her, we would suggest we name it and nancy pelosi overdrive to represent her energy level.
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thank you very much. >> thank you. >> good morning, commissioners. my name is tom buford and i am a native san franciscan who attended the school district and current member of the public safety family. i stand here in support of renaming middle drive east to the leader. hamas rights, and the thing in san francisco, i stand here in support. >> a good morning commissioners and general manager. i'm the executive director of
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emerge california. i am thrilled to be here today to express our support of the renaming of middle drive east to nancy pelosi drive. throughout this time, she has distinguished herself as a champion for health-care reform , lgbt equality, hiv aids and women's leadership. she made history by becoming the first female speaker of the u.s. house of representatives since our nation's founding. without a doubt, she has accomplished many feats and continues to fight for our shared principal values and beliefs. i would like to speak to the other titles, the titles that in my humble opinion speak to the leaders character and patriotism. first and foremost, she's a mother, daughter, grandmother, life, and friend to many.
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in addition, she's also a role model and mentor to countless men and women throughout her district, calif., our country and at our world. regardless of her complicated and hectic schedule, she still finds time to reach back, to give back, and support young women coming up behind her. she is personal, approachable, and down-to-earth than generous. she says what she means and she means but she says. she is a woman of her word. nancy pelosi has ascended the ranks, attained political power and used it to do good for others. this is what politics is supposed to be about and this is what she is about. she is a true inspiration, a real american hero, and a san
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franciscan through and through. we are better off because of her selfless dedication and commitment and service of our community. this is a most appropriate honor to our once and future speaker and i cannot wait to rename the golden gate bridge after her. >> is there any other public comment on this item? >> thank you commissioners and staff. i come as a daughter and cheer as the -- chair of the women's caucus and i thank you. my daughter isabella, who many of you saw dancing in the park, i told her i was coming today and she says what her grandmother does is to eat, go to school and play, which is exactly what you all do as public service and what we do in pursuing life, liberty, and the
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pursuit of happiness. thank you for what you're going to do in taking the democratic vote to take us down on behalf of all children to eat, go to school, and play. >> any other public comment on this item? >> i was not aware of this but i think renaming this streak is a very good idea. remembering this woman for her fantastic work beyond her life. we are making a statement to future generations. i'm just one lone person.
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i had to go to her office in d.c. and she pushed it through in 15 minutes. i tried to get the murals away from your control because you have been negligent. i think nancy pelosi for her work. as she really in said, [unintelligible] >> thank you. >> before you make a motion, i wanted to add that 10 members of the san francisco board of supervisors as well as the city's entire delegation in sacramento are supportive of this and you will note that in your packet. >> thank you. >> is there any other public comment? seeing that no other public comment, public comment is
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closed. >> before i entertain a motion, i want to say it was the mayor's office that contacted me and asked if this commission would consider waiving their own policies in this matter. while i told the mayor's office there's no guarantee in the public process that we could guarantee with the vote would be that i would encourage the commission to take this up. as to the issue of the naming, the celebration we had in golden gate park with the mayor announcing his asking the commission to do this. this is the public comment and the due process to hear all sides and we have heard all sites. we encourage that and i think you get a sense from earlier testimony that people are not afraid to tell us their opinions and we are used to getting them. with that, i was there in the
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balcony when nancy pelosi became speaker of the house and i can say that never was very proud moment at a san francisco native than to see that moment. she does us all proud. i think without offending the entire congress, she is the smartest and hardest working member of the congress. she is constantly add it on every front and as you heard today from many segments of the community, i can think of nothing more appropriate than putting her name between martin luther king and john kennedy. with that, i would entertain a motion. >> i would like to move that. >> there is a motion and a second. did you want to say something before we vote or after we vote? >> there was a lot of thought that went into the location. this was not by accident.
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the executive director of the national aids memorial grove spoke about the location and is a location nancy pelosi spearheaded and made a national memorial. as recently as 1996, it was a place that was incredibly neglected in golden gate park. it was overrun and through committee members and the memory of one of the greatest public health tragedy's this country has faced, the aids memorial grove is one of the most beautiful spots within golden gate park. it is a national memorial, akin to the vietnam veterans memorial, about rushmore, the u.s. arizona at pearl harbor, which are also national memorials. naming this street after nancy pelosi and honor of her effort and work for the committee to make that cite the beautiful living memorial is is extremely appropriate.
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>> we have a motion and a second. all those in favor? all opposed? hearing none, it is unanimous. [applause] >> we are on item number seven, o lord of job order contract for capital projects. -- toward a job order contracts for capital projects. >> commissioners, and a director of capital and planning, this is a very brief item before you today, we would like to ask the commission to award the last of the contract -- we would like to award it for up to $1 million for job or contracts. this is a licensed contractor which means


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